We Make to Order

Unlike the mega fashion brands which mass produced their merchandises, our backpacks, tote bags, and leggings are made to order. When you purchase a dulgen™ product, you actually commission our shop to create wearable graphic art for you. Here are the steps we go through after you placed your order:

STEP 1: We individually print the sewing pattern of your item.

STEP 2: The printed pattern is hand-cut piece by piece.

STEP 3: All the pieces are meticulously hand-assembled.

STEP 4: One of our seamstresses skillfully sews these pieces together into a finished product.

STEP 5: The finished product will be carefully inspected to make sure it meets our high standard before shipping to you.

While this process may generally take between 2 to 7 business days to complete, we will do our best to get your item ready to ship as soon as possible without compromising its quality.